Broken Fingaz Crew

BROKEN FINGAZ CREW, The Rest Of You, 2017. Courtesy Martina’s Gallery




Broken Fingaz Crew (BFC) is one of Israel’s best-known graffiti collectives. The four artists, all Haifa residents and known by the names of Tant, Deso, Kip and Unga, have sprayed Europe, North America and Asia with fresh and innovative pop art murals.
This multidisciplinary team delves into illustration, graphic design, murals, fashion design, posters and brochures for parties in discotheques, album covers, screen and animation, as well as into music videos and the fine arts.
In 2017 Universal Music got in touch with Broken Figaz Crew with the intention of hiring them to make an animation video for the new song “American Soul” by the Irish band U2.
The members of Broken Fingaz Crew travel around the world doing their work, and for that reason the video had segments filmed in Haifa, London and Rajasthan. The impressive video was ready after only one week of work.