Bruno Cerasi

Bruno CERASI. Senza titolo, 2016. Courtesy: Bi-Box Art Space, Biella, (Italia)


Born in Bologna, Italy, 1983

Presented by BI-BOX ART SPACE

The artistic work of Bruno Cerasi is installational in nature and deeply polyhedric. An eyesight problem forced him to abandon painting on canvases in order to concentrate on research into space, light, and shadow, which means that his work on paper, which combines photography and drawing strictly in black and white, on occasion attains three dimensions. His projects take the form of a system of mental and physical resistance in which experimentation plays a key role, always in search of harmony and spiritual elevation and often turning into a reflection on human relations and needs or into reading in a poetical code of memory. A Fine Arts graduate from the L’Aquila Fine Arts Academy in 2013, Bruno Cerasi has been taking part in both individual and collective projects in various Italian art centres and on occasion abroad since 2009.