Almost 7000 visitors and 185 accredited journalists allow us to confirm that Drawing Room 2017 was closed with an excellent balance of quality, visits, sells and critic recognition. The contest was consolidated as the only Spanish Fair that fully recognises the powerful presence of contemporary drawing in the visual arts. It showcased the projects of 37 artists presented by 21 galleries, coming from Germany, Poland, France, Portugal, Italy and Spain.
The Italy Program was headed by a core of exhibition in the inside of the fair composed by four galleries, where the “Chinese Ink Club” ran a collective drawing session. On the Program Off Drawing, the conference celebrated in the ABC Museum stands out: To collect contemporary drawing, Three European examples. It counted with the participation of Elsy Lahner  (Albertina Museum, Vienna), Marta Kolakowska (Leto Gallery, Warsaw) and Andrea Losavio (Drawing Biennial, Rimini). Also, the exhibition Linee Forti and Drawing temptation, curated by Antonio de Falco in the gallery of Cano Studio, Untitled Space.
We were visited by members of purchasing committees from several different foundations, art centers and corporations, all seeking to keep improving and increasing their funds with new creations of contemporary drawing. Among them, the collections DKV, Kells, Navacerrada, the New Collection Pilar Citoler and the foundations Carmona e Costa and Centenera Jaraba, plus many particular collectors, Spanish and foreign.
The Gallery SET from Valencia won the prize SetUp Contemporary and the Belgian artist William Ludwig Lutgens the Prize First Lines Lyra Germany.


The first edition of Drawing Room Madrid, the first drawing fair held in Spain, offered its 4500 visitors a careful selection of 19 galleries, 11 Spanish and 8 foreign, coming from Europe, China and South America, who were invited to show the work of thirty artists. Among them, many are exceptionally significant in the contemporary drawing field, like the French Abdelkader Benchamma, the Greek Christos Venetis or the Hungarian Karoli Keseru.
The most recent evolution of drawing in China could be appreciated through the works of Lei Ziren and Zhao Lou, two artists formed in CAFA, the Fine Arts Academy of Beijing, who remake a tradition in which the search for rithm and expressivity is based on the line, the brush-stroke and the emptiness.
The Sevillian artist Manuel Rufo brought together in the park El Retiro a large public in the drawing action of “Walking 8 KM to create a new drawing”, and the platform Bcollector guided the new collectors in the appreciation of contemporary drawing.
Spanish artists like Jesús Zurita, Javier Arce, Fernando Martín Godoy, Marta Bran, Santiago Ydáñez and José Miguel Pereñíguez left their works in important Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian collections. The gallery Addaya from Mallorca won the Prize SetUp Contemporary, and the artist Raúl Artiles was distinguished with the prize Canson.