The third DRAWING ROOM MADRID event will take place from 21 to 25 February 2018, coinciding with the Spanish capital’s most exciting week for contemporary art.

For five days, collectors, professionals and amateurs from the art world present in Madrid are invited to discover the contemporary art scene projects of thirty or so artists, presented by national and international contemporary art galleries and chosen by a selection committee made up of curators and gallery owners.

Drawing and its various modes are currently undergoing a vibrant evolution. The galleries most attuned with the changes reflect this in their programmes, and the most perceptive and dynamic collectors and museums include them in their collections.

Often characterised by its economy of means, it may only be a gesture or mental act, but drawing is undoubtedly a medium that has earned its own autonomy within the possibilities chosen by contemporary artists to show what they are about. Figurative, abstract, monumental, three-dimensional, performative, narrative, sensory… contemporary drawing is part of the enormous vitality of current graphic expression, producing new images that use lines to adopt new forms of communication.

Drawing Room Madrid is a specialised event that will reveal the richness of the cross-generational practice of contemporary drawing to the public, with a new generation of artists who have appropriated drawing as a preferred medium and the unquestionable devotion of art’s great masters to drawing.