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Curatorial Committee

Inmaculada Corcho

Inmaculada Corcho
Museo ABC director (Madrid)

Mercedes Estarellas

Mercedes Estarellas
Curator (Palma de Mallorca)

Ivânia de Mendonça Gallo

Ivânia de Mendonça Gallo
Art Consulting (Lisbon)

Simona Gavioli

Simona Gavioli
Art Critic and Curator (Bolonia)

Juan Riancho

Juán González de Riancho
Gallerist (Santander)

Elsy Lahner

Elsy Lahner
Curator for Contemporary Art at The Albertina (Vienna)

Susana Sanz

Susana Sanz
Curator (Beijing)


Drawing Room is a curated exhibition. Each year the fair shows the work of new artists. The selection of artistic projects that make up the third edition follows two lines of work:

Drawing practice in emerging artists, related to the importance of the processes of ideation of the work of art, privileged against the execution and the final object. Contemporary sensibility lives a vigorous reconnection with the drawing in which there is no conflict about his alleged anachronism. This new assessment has to do with the immediacy, nudity, and unfinished, personal artistic expression.

Drawing as a field of reflection in mid-career artists. The drawing is the place where the world comes together memory, personal experience and individual thought. Often a preparatory action, a tool that does not usually show, the drawings of great artists convey their conception of art and creating in a particularly revealing way.


One of the missions of Drawing Room is the revision of different current drawing practices based on several cultural traditions. Thus, in its first edition, Drawing Room showcased examples of Chinese artists formed in calligraphic and landscape Chinese painting, whereas in 2017 the focus shifted towards the Italian classical heritage through the works of a group of artists born near the year 1980.