Alejandro Botubol

Alejandro BOTUBOL. Sin
título, 2016. Courtesy: Modulo Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisboa


Born in Cadiz, 1979


This painter from Cadiz was trained at the Santa Isabel de Hungría Fine Arts Faculty of Seville. He completed his studies in New York, where he absorbed the influence of several North American artists such as James Turrell and Dan Flavin, and with a master’s degree in Contemporary Art, Idea and Production from the Universidad de Sevilla. He currently lives and works in Madrid. The drawings he presents in Drawing Room make up a highly evolving series of landscape paintings that overlap in search of the chance encounter. The artist himself has declared that a constant in his work is his persistent exploration of spatial phenomena with the incorporation of internal and symbolic elements that have to do with life experiences, sometimes starting from images he has found. Alejandro Botubol proposes infinite painting that goes deeper into matters such as absence, gravity, and time; his work with geometry, colour, and light stands out.