Medellin, Colombia


Hybridization is inherent to any of my Works, and my images always tend to be a mixture of different natures. The image is more than a mere collection of sensitive appearances, image is above all a certain point of view that include emotions and thoughts, which are not contained in the objects of reality, but are determined by my relationship with them. This is why craft has a determining role, because my gesture in the drawing is the direct manifestation of my emotions and thoughts. The real and the imaginary intersect in the work, turning the representation into a phenomenon where emotions and ideas are embodied, instead of merely capturing sensory appearances. In my most recent explorations, the coexistence between the natural and the human is a theme that has been shaped. I have always believed that nature is partially inaccessible. Somehow, human history begins when men distinguished themselves from animals and the links were broken with some essential aspect of the natural. I am particularly interested in how man through poetry tries to relate to his environment through exercises of representation and interpretation of the world, reinventing and defining through art everything he sees.
Alejandro García Restrepo