Alfredo Igualador

Alfredo IGUALADOR. ‘Todo este caer’, 2014‐2016. Courtesy: Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid


Born in Madrid, 1971


Alfredo Igualador habitually produces installations in which a series of drawings of thick strokes in black and white form a dialogue with watercolours to achieve the coexistence of different scenes taken from everyday reality on the verge of disaster, in particular human pain and suffering. Broken trees, accidents, and catastrophes of various kinds, people who are homeless or wander through a rubbish dump, refugee camps, patients in a Sierra Leone hospital, injured people in Gaza, or beings facing daily other situations of war make up the project “Todo este caer” (All that fall), which is the title given to a book preceded by an exhibition for which the epigraph has been taken from a poem by Samuel Beckett. As the artist has declared, painting open to an expanded field restores elsewhere the images that inundate us on all sides at any time, rescuing what is necessary from life and taking charge of it.