Madrid, Spain 1984

Presented by OGAMI PRESS

Almudena Lobera shows alternative models for the configuration of the visible, deepening the notion that the image is not always visible or accessible in nature. His work seeks to connect with the legacy of the past and the influence of classical and Renaissance authors with an instantaneous and continuous present that explores the ephemeral and virtual qualities of our era.
Imagine corpore, inspired by the legacy of the honourable Mannerist goldsmith Wentzel Jamnitzer, presents a mysterious graphic polyptych in which the image of a landscape vanishes as it withdraws, taking volumen and transforming into four elements. It also begins to take up the chromatic range previous to black and white photography.
A work that speaks of the process of capture, perception, interpretation and representation of what we see, in which the sensorial and the tangible, the calculated and the random, the variable with the precise and the deconstruction with the construction come together harmoniously.