Buenos Aires, 1939


America Sanchez is a long career artist in the fields of design, photography, photomontage, outsider calligraphy and drawing. Indispensable for understanding the graphic development of the city of Barcelona after the Franco regime; one of his lesser-known faces is precisely that of a draughtsman who practises a variety of techniques on a daily basis and who convinced vindicates the value of this visual discipline, “the oldest, most modern, difficult and cheapest means of expression in the world”. Collaborator and advisor to the Club del Dibujo, he has been awarded the Laus Prize six times and the National Design Prize in 1992. In recent years he has held the retrospective exhibitions América, America at the Casa de América, Clásico, moderno, jazz y tropical at the Palau Robert in Barcelona and at the Centre Cultural Blanquena in Madrid, as well as the exhibition America Sanchez. Retratos románicos. Tintas sobre papel at the Museu d’Art de Catalunya. His work is represented in collections such as the Archivo Lafuente, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, IVAM and Diputació de València and Moma in New York