Ana H. del Amo

Ana H. Del AMO. Serie ‘A.d.P#4’ , 2016. Courtesy: Set Espai d’Art, Valencia


Born in Cáceres, 1977

Presented by SET ESPAI D’ART

The most recent work of Ana H. del Amo constitutes a reflection on painting and its materiality and objectuality. A Fine Arts graduate with the speciality of painting from the Universidad de Barcelona, she obtained an Advanced Studies Diploma for her research into painting in the digital age. The drawings of the series “Rombos” (Diamond Shapes) show different geometrical wooden structures painted in oils to put forward different situations of balance and arrangements in space. On occasions she introduces touches of colour to the edges of the wooden strips to stress the pictorial nature of her creative process as in a way they refer to the border itself. The association of wood and painting gives a sculptural character to these drawings, proposing a reconversion of pictorial practice to another paradigm based on the recycling and assembling of fragments that have been found.