Anna Talens

Anna TALENS, Reparando horizonte dorado, 2017. Courtesy Galería Paz y Comedias


Carcaixent (Valencia), 1978

Presented by PAZ Y COMEDIAS

The Valencian artist, researcher and teacher resident in Berlin Anna Talens is the author of objects and installations of materiality and poetic identity that recover traditional, manual and primitive manufacturing processes and use artistic resources such as repetition, arbitrariness and accumulation. Cultivating a perverted minimalism by the presence of the color and texture of the material, Talens impregnates her creations with a poetics that finds its formalization in the contracts between nature and artifice.
In the latest work by Anna Talens, heterodox graphic processes and materials reflect on the representation of emptiness. The line, translated into a golden horizon, is the graphic form that represents the level and direction in which to project our vital objectives. Image, graphic and materiality have served to represent, in an intuitive and conceptual way, an idea of hopeful search.