Antonio González

Antonio GONZÁLEZ. Work 28, 2015. Courtesy Galería Art Nueve


Alicante, 1974



The artist Antonio González belongs to a new generation of abstract painters. His work, very cosmopolitan, constantly reviews the history of art in order to create a new vision related to what other artists have worked on before.
Through his work he explores the expressive possibility of certain minimum resources, establishing a conceptual relationship with the works of Joan Miró, Robert Ryman, Richard Tuttle, Ferran García Sevilla or Luc Tuymans, without having his works resemble these in the formal level.
Antonio González bases his work on the minimalism of certain geometric elements: squares, stripes or circles express themselves in a fast and uneven way, while claiming the imprecision that emanates from everything that is theoretically precise.
His vision of abstract language, in addition to maintaining connections with the past, creates new resources that endow it with personality.
Antonio González currently resides in Valencia.