Chus García Fraile

Chus GARCIA-FRAILE, Megalópolis XVI, 2011. Courtesy Puxa Gallery


Madrid, 1965

Presented by PUXAGALLERY

Chus García-Fraile considers drawing as the philosopher’s stone of her career. The artist from Madrid has made ten solo exhibitions in our country and has participated in numerous collective projects (“Female Identity”, “Madrid-Processes”, “On Painting”, “Prophetia”, “Hic et nunc”) inside and outside of Spain.
The formal exactitude and the plastic quality characterize the recent work of García-Fraile: large drawings made with charcoal on paper that review the symbols and icons of our time in a critique of the consumer society and the mythification of the welfare state.
The “Megalopolis” series is nourished by nocturnal and dismal compositions that, like factory-cities, act as allegories of the city, portraying it as a container and generator of dynamics, nodes and paradigms. “Artificios” departs from a suggestive conceptual contrast between the festive fireworks and the explosions and light flashes derived from the current wars, flashes that constantly bombard our everyday universe thanks to the media.