Portugal, 1961


« I explore the relationship body and space in its condition of “reciprocal penetration”, as Emanuele Coccia (2013) calls it. My work focuses on finding and building that interweaving.

I organize my practice in gestures that I carry out without great difficulty in execution – such as scratching, walking, rolling, knitting or to take instant photographs.
Actions that I perform in a repetitive way. Cadence that expands time and opens a space that generates relationships between interiority and exteriority, material and immaterial.
Like the textile processes, the gestures I perform are a way of approaching them, connecting and enlacing. From this mixture and movement images and objects emerge. As weavings emerging from states of permanence and displacement
The works, organized in this creative process of interweaving are, in this sense, relational spaces that I perceive as drawings of new geographies ».

 Conceição Abreu