Cristina Almodóvar

Cristina ALMODÓVAR. ‘Rocas III. Línea contínua’, 2016. Courtesy: Set Espai d’Art, Valencia


Born in Madrid, 1970

Presented by SET ESPAI D’ART

“Líneas Platónicas” (Platonic Lines) is the title of the project presented by Cristina Almodóvar in Drawing Room, which consists of a series of ink drawings that escape from the paper to materialise in the form of wires that project their shadows on the space. The artist explores the limits of the drawing, which becomes a three-dimensional sculpture. The play between matter and image or reality and appearances take us back to the myth of Plato’s cave and the deceptive vision of our senses to encourage a reflection of how we perceive and appreciate reality. After completing her Fine Art studies with the speciality of sculpture at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Cristina Almodóvar obtained an honourable mention in the degree course awards. She began to exhibit in the 1990s and in 2011 was awarded the Internazionale Giovane Scultura Prize of the Fondazione Francesco Messina.