Daniela Alfarano

Daniela ALFARANO. Precious, 2017. Courtesy D406, Modena


Modena, Italy, 1976

Presented by D406 FEDELI ALLA LINEA

Daniela Alfarano’s drawings on wood explore the relationships between light and darkness. She often present them at site-specific installations that explore spiritual valúes.
That’s how it will be in the project “One day I’ll pick up my feathers and fly” that she exhibits in Drawing Room 2018. In recent years the artist has been obsessively drawing feathers that makes emerge from the emptiness of paper, blinding with graphite space around them. The feathers are fed in the air, defying gravity and transmitting a state of lightness and freedom.
Alfarano began showing his work in 2005 and has developed an important career that includes exhibitions at the Artefact Gallery in New York, the Biennale del Disegno in Rimini and the Friedman Home Gallery in Amsterdam. She has collaborated with the newspaper Corriere della Sera and the pianist Beatrice Rana.