Dorota Buczkowska

Dorota BUCZKOWSKA. 2012. Courtesy: Rodriguez Gallery, Poznan


Born in Warsaw, Poland, 1971


Dorota Buczkowska is a multidisciplinary artist who generally works with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, or video. She researches themes related to the perception of reality, time, and matter and its qualities. In order to do so she resorts to metaphors that start from the physiology of the body, representing abstract shapes that suggest biological structures, processes of circulation, and in general living organisms interrelated in a kind of ecosystem in which colour, gesture, light, and matter are combined in different textures and formations. Dorota Buczkowska studied at the Department of Conservation and Restoration and the Department of Sculpture of Warsaw University, where she has also undergone Gender Studies; she completed her training with a stay at the Villa Arson National Centre of Plastic Arts in Nice. She has likewise worked as an actress with the Warsaw Theatre Academy.