Emmanuel Lafont

Emmanuel LAFONT. ‘Aquelarre’, 2016. Courtesy: Galería Yusto Giner, Marbella


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1980

Presented by YUSTO/GINER

Emmanuel Lafont studied Fine Arts at the Universidad de Córdoba in Argentina before working as an assistant at the South Florida Art Center in Miami, and once he was established in Málaga as an arts manager, by developing multidisciplinary artistic projects in collaboration with different artists or illustrating editorial projects and multimedia. His interest in craft processes and the use of graphite or ink coexists with the need to seek new languages such as video or installation. In general the Argentine artist emphasises narrative aspects, introducing more or less surrealist, fantastic or magical, literary, and autobiographical references. In the trilogy “Los extremos” (Ends), “Las aristas” (Edges), and “Los paisajes isométricos” (Isometric Landscapes) he proposes to order through geometry a world marked by chaos, while in the series “Greetings from Silence” he presents a set of frozen spaces ready to be used by a human being that seems to have disappeared.