Enrico Tealdi

Enrico TEALDI. Detalle ‘Apnea’, 2012. Courtesy: Bib-­‐Box Art Space, Biella (Italia)


Born in Cuneo, Italy, 1976

Presented by BI-BOX ART SPACE

Enrico Tealdi held his first individual exhibition in 1998, the same year in which he graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Cuneo. He divides his time between his home town and Turin and his work is regularly exhibited both in Italy and elsewhere in the form of multiple disciplines, essentially drawing, painting, and installation. His poetics goes deeper into the notion of loss which we associate with memory and the difficulty of fixing time. Each of his compositions is like a flashback that returns to the mind. His drawings have metaphysical repercussions and are characterised by their indefinite backgrounds, their evanescent texture, and a pallet of gentle colours tinted by an atmosphere of melancholy in which time appears to have been suspended. The spaces of the imagination of Enrico Tealdi, impregnated with silence, solitude, and mystery, show figures and objects that seem to dissolve in the mist and are filtered by nostalgia and the subjectivity of his memories.