Fernando Gutiérrez

Fernando GUTIERREZ. Elefantes 03, 2015. Collage, impresión digital, tinta, acetatos. 21x28cm.


Oviedo, 1973

Presentado por / Presented by GEMA LLAMAZARES

Fernando Gutiérrez studied Fine Arts at the Universidad de Salamanca and has been exhibiting his work regularly since 1993. Gutiérrez is a creator of visual paradoxes who has developed most of his artistic activities from pictorial premises. In recent years he has concentrated his production on drawing while trying out different procedures and techniques such as design, photography, and video. He includes in his work a large number of personages of his own with both human and animal physical and psychological characteristics, articulated collage as a work process, and animation as a medium. Interested in the reception and distribution of images, Gutiérrez is currently putting his faith in a pronounced provisional nature in the structure of his proposals, carrying out various environmental projects, altering spaces, and temporarily transforming them into mental landscapes by means of absorbing graphic interventions that are emotional, sensitive, and occasionally leisure-related.