Gonzalo Elvira


Gonzalo ELVIRA. Rosa y Karl, 2015. Tinta sobre enciclopedia. 35 x 50 cm


Neuquén, Argentina, 1971


Born in the Argentinian Patagonia, Gonzalo Elvira has lived and worked in Barcelonasince 2000. He received training at the Antonio Berni School of Visual Arts in Buenos Aires and began his exhibition career in 1993. He currently combines his artistic practice with his teaching activity in different educational projects. The project “Bauhaus 1919, model to assemble”, consisting of drawings made by perforations in the fabric or paper with needle and hammer, or interventions with ink on different maps and publications, has as its starting point, on one hand, the year of foundation of the Bauhaus art school by Walter Gropius and, on the other, the title of Julio Cortázar’s novel “62 Modelo para armar”, sketched in chapter 62 of “Rayuela”. Gonzalo Elvira recovers the figure of the artisan-producer artist to highlight the role played by women in the Bauhaus, such as Günta Stolz, Marianne Brandt or Grete Stern.