Irene González

Irene GONZALEZ. De la serie ‘Melancolia’, 2015. Courtesy: Galeria Silvestre, Madrid


Born in Málaga, 1988


A Fine Arts graduate with a master’s degree in Drawing from the Universidad de Granada, Irene González presents for Drawing Room the series of drawings of the project “Espacios afectivos, zona de ruinas” (Affective spaces, areas in ruins). This is a series of compositions in black and white that are clearly reminiscent of old photographs and are about melancholy. They represent a series of places connected to children’s games and the spaces of the past, the memory, and remembrance. As the artist has expressed, there is nothing more melancholic than repetition, the eternal return, the return to the space that is already known, to our affective areas. Irene González feels that we are wandering in circles through a maze as we try to reach an unattainable centre where the phantom of origins and the mystery of loss can be found, hence the profound strangeness of these drawings.