Ponta Delgada, Portugal, 1991


Isabel Madureira Andrade was part of the list of the 6 finalist artists of the EDP Novos Artists Award, 2019 (the most important prize for young artists in Portugal) and was highlighted by the jury with the Honorable Mention.
Her work, in oil on canvas or paper, is part of a practice of transposition of objects made through the technique of “frottage”, which highlights their geometric structure, organized as a repetitive pattern, creating a visual rhythm that, at It often comes close to a representation of the cosmos.
As Luísa Cardoso declared in Cosmografias, a história e outras cores “This search for the structuring order of things and phenomena is a search for meaning and there is in this revelation… a kind of alchemy or transubstantiation that Isabel Madureira Andrade undertakes using objects everyday”.