Chile, 1975


To think and look at the work of Iván Veliz Villalobos is an attempt to arrive at the evidence of an excessive corporeality, an overabundance of skins, stomachs, blood vessels, lungs, eyes, hearts, muscle mass, hallucinatory physiologies, arteries of uncertainty together with facial folds that have no limits of extension. Let us reinforce this with a statement by Jean-Luc Nancy: « The body is not empty. It is full of other bodies, bits, pieces, organs, parts, tissues, kneecaps, rings, tubes, levers and bellows. It is full of itself: of all that it is ». An amalgam of anatomies come together to breathe on paper and cardboard, a white corpus waiting to be contaminated by the acrobatics of beings who give no respite to the artist’s mind. His work evidently navigates through the surrealist territory, the psychic automatism, in order to elaborate stagings in nearly theatrical scenes, where there is nothing previously established, they are worlds that are emerging like a delirious dictation.

Their characters exist, and suggesting dialog, seemingly, in an unconnected language, but connected in a poetic way.