Cartagena, Murcia, Spain, 1971


“In a way, they are the words making up the main motif in the works grouped under the project Écrire en blanc – White writing- by Javier Pividal and yet, in this case might not matter, or at least not in the way in which we usually make use of them. They are appropriate and reinterpreted words, words forming phrases and speeches, words as quotes. Repeated expressions taken out from a context that take us to places some time inhabited by emotions and feelings but with a body that is not present in real life. And it is in that emptiness, or even better, in that emptiness where words lose their meaning, maybe because what they really tell us –or not only- cannot be found in their content”.
Roberto González García

For this new Drawing Room Madrid edition, Javier Pividal shows a set of unknown pieces that are built from his unique écrire en blanc: a print in the shape of a personal chromatic alphabet and some small sculptures that are text and images at the same time, sensing maybe the masquerade that is our own saying.