Mangualde, Portugal, 1961


“… Seen from above, mites resemble warriors on the battlefield as much as vendors at field parties …
…The elegance of the lines, the chromatic clarity to reconcile the Byzantine taste with the courteous Gothic and the echoes of the Nordic painting, the reworking of the style of the great masters in a more cursive language. The mites assume the appearance of coloured plots with which Loureiro composes agreements and dissonances that he repeats with variants in a non-predetermined order, constracted thanks to a continuous search for formal balance.
His works are a lucid analytical lyricism and with a lack of sentimental vestiges. They are the evolution of fluid chromatic fabrics, made of vivid colours, in which the artist seems committed to making visible the last stage of the dissolution of the heroic and the victorious.
Loureiro combines and associates mites in a state between human, mineral, vegetable and animal. He disseminates significant details about the principles of symbolic and allegorical constellations. Order them diffusely… ”

Antonia Gaeta.