José Luis Serzo

José Luis SERZO, Pensamiento iceberg, Serie Morfología del encuentro, 2017. Courtesy Galería Gema Llamazares

José Luis SERZO

Albacete, 1977


José Luis Serzo is known for his great “exhibitions-stories”. Tireless narrator, creator of fantastic and possible universes, constructs worlds that transcend reality and that, far from being a refuge from a hostile panorama dominated by pessimism and violence, pretend to be a positive alternative, a hopeful platform from which to approach and transform both art and life itself.
Committed and belligerent with this cause, Serzo thus places himself at the vanguard of a contemporaneity that does not renounce technical virtuosity and the tradition of trade, and that defends the power of art as a cathartic resource to transform the world. In this way, his stories are structured through the coexistence of paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, writings and videos that aspire to form an immense work of total art, where truth is related to illusion and reality with its metaphorical, tautological, anachronistic, and magical representation.