Kepa Garraza

Kepa GARRAZA. ‘Power’. Courtesy: Galería ATM, Gijón


Berango, Bizkaia, 1979

Presented by ATM GALLERY

The drawings of Kepa Garraza’s “Power” project offer a lucid reflection on the representation of power in Western culture and its relation to art throughout history. The artist takes as a starting point sculptural portraits of political or military leaders, reproduced reliably in rigorous black and white, emphasizing the chiaroscuro. This gallery of characters transferred to paper shows how art has served as propaganda of power from classical Greece to the present. Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, Bradford Art College of England and the University of Barcelona, ​​Kepa Garraza’s professional career started in 2004, having been recognized since then with awards such as Estampa-House of Velázquez in 2015 , The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos of Valencia in 2013 or the Focus-Abengoa Foundation in 2005.