Laurina Paperina

Laurina PAPERINA. ‘Unicorns in love’, 2016. Courtesy Martina’s Gallery, Seregno (Italia)


Born in Rovereto, Italy, 1980


In a career of little over a decade Laurina Paperina has shown her work in important art centres all over the world. Humour is the main ingredient of the drawings, paintings, installations, and video animations of this Italian artist who works under the pseudonym of Laurina Paperina; she trained at the Art Institute of her home town and the Fine Arts Academy of Verona. In her work references to pop culture merge with the imagination of the 1980s and 1990s, which is forged from contemporary superheroes and characters from comics or cartoons humanised beneath a mask of irony. Her colouristic and irreverent drawings and animations provide caustic and highly sarcastic comments on the world of art, the consumer society, and the importance of new digital technologies and the media.