Manuel Blázquez

Manuel BLAZQUEZ, Dei Canti Lamentosi, 2017. Courtesy Galería Paz y Comedias


Born in Valencia, 1978


Working on paper and its physical limits constitute the main distinguishing marks of the work of the Valencian artist Manuel Blázquez, who is a Fine Arts graduate with the speciality of engraving from the Academy of Bologna after having studied the first cycle of Advertising and Applied Communications at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.
All series are the result of a process of research into the vital parameters of space and time inspired by that used by the ancient scribes, who designed the internal structure of the page from lines that came to play the part of the written text. By means of minute manual cuts on blocks of superimposed sheets of paper, Manuel Blázquez draws emptiness in a volumetric space to give rise to a series of splits that suggest staggered structures of minimalist resonances and unfold a clear play of lights and shadows.