María Bueno

María BUENO, Instalación Manos y Camas, 2017. Courtesy Espacio Olvera


Malaga, 1976


María Bueno has been an apprentice to the Belgian artist Christl Lidl and to the tango choreographer Teresa Nieto. As a result of working with both creators, Bueno has gradually focused her area of ​​interest on the concept “mise en âbime de l’espace” through painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture.
On the other hand, since 2005, she has focused her work in Spain, being present at the Picasso Foundation or the Contemporary Art Center of Malaga, among many other artistic contexts.
She has also developed an important international work, as well as being part of fairs such as Arco, Kuns and Toronto.
Making use of all kinds of materials, new and recycled, she builds artistic objects that become true amulets in the eyes of the viewer.
Her drawings translate a singular thought derived from a laborious previous work with emotions and color. The works start from a point of view both individual and collective.
The elegant extravagance that is reflected in her work is the result of a cultural baggage around different countries, which have contributed to convert experience into message.