María García-Ibáñez

María GARCÍA-IBÁÑEZ. ‘Panal’ (Tríptico), 2016. Courtesy: Galería Paz y Comedias, Valencia


Born in Madrid, 1978


The “Geometría de un hueco” (Geometry of a gap) project of María García-Ibáñez explores the representation of emptiness by taking as a starting point the structure of beehives, their modular repetition, and their relationship with the landscape and the territory. The artist, who is a Fine Art graduate from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a master’s degree in Interactive Digital Technologies, was awarded in 2006 the Young Art Plastic Arts and Photography Prize of Madrid and the Injuve Audiovisual Projects Prize of the Youth Institute. She currently divides her time between Madrid and Mexico, working with lines, silhouettes, and geometries that allow her to be active in different mediums. This is the case of the fabric in the loom, the paper cut with a laser, the enamelled bricks, or watercolour and gouache; all these procedures refer to the drawing, which becomes the chosen vehicle of expression for the investigation of the graphic possibilities of the gap and by extension of emptiness.