María Rosa VALVERDE. Courtesy Pintura Pintura, Madrid


Madrid, 1962


María Rosa Valverde (born in Madrid, 1962) she was awarded a Fine Arts Bachelor degree by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Initially she developed her professional career in private companies, within publicity and corporate branding fields, until she finally focused on art production in the 90s. Since 1995 she begins to carry out exhibitions in some of the main Spanish art galleries such as Sala Pelaires in Palma de Mallorca or Max Estrella in Madrid.
With a solid style fixed in drawing techniques, where she displays her strong personality, her art works reach a great expressive ability within figurative performance.
Her work has a clear expressionist approach, recreating strong and evocative atmospheres, full of emotion and restlessness.
María handles charcoal, inks and lines which seems to be out of control, however they are finally held without any esthetic license, or any kind of excess, in order to represent people, animals, urban landscapes, on paper or canvas.