Mario Soria

Mario SORIA, Sophia Loren Simpson, 2012. Courtesy N2 Galería


Barcelona, 1966

Presented by N2 GALERÍA

Mario Soria is a painter and sketcher of hyperrealistic portraits who lives and works in Barcelona.
Interested in American pop culture, among his models to draw are famous characters like Andy Warhol, Woody Allen or Albert Eistein.
Beyond the portraits, he places his models in a hectic scene of sailboats, bees, pencils, miniature people and umbrellas. The originality with which they are represented gives a tremendous personality to his work.
These works include illustrative and bold painted geometric shapes, lines and other additional elements. Mario Soria confesses that the objects and their assignment are random, but in general they serve to replicate the style of the famous series of books “I Spy”.
The artist uses multiple techniques, including the incorporation of three-dimensional objects, such as pieces of Lego, all objects of bright colors that protrude from the surface of the canvas.