Marta Chirino

Marta CHIRINO, Piña, 2005. Courtesy Galería Lucía Mendoza


Madrid, 1963


As she explains, Marta Chirino looks at the branches of the trees, the earth, the remains of the leaves, fruits and petals, and when she finds something different, submitted to the whimsical chance of nature, she cannot help but pick it up and take it to her study in order to examine it and discover the great intelligence and the incomparable design of natural knowledge.
The drawings of flora that she realizes on parchment paper are so meticulous that one can see in them a knowledge that goes beyond the observation of an artist. With a degree in Biological Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid, with an environmental specialty, Chirino was also trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. By combining these two branches, humanities and science, she creates a whole work, as did the great geniuses of painting, for which the centuries do not pass.
Marta Chirino is, since 1998, a member of merit of the English Society of Botanical Artists.