Portugal, 1977


Sombras Permanentes are a series of artist books that the artist began in 2019. Singular objects where a series of paintings are shown directly on their pages. The most recent, the 7th and 8th, bring together in each, a new set of 37 acrylic paintings. Images from the artist’s archive that reflect the landscapes and the world that the painter observes. Each painting takes place in a non- narrative flow, with no pretensions of telling a story. Each painted image is accompanied by a small quoted text, as if it were a legend. The artist begins the project of rewriting the notes on the cinematograph by the French film director, Robert Bresson. In this set of notes, the author offers small fragments of his thoughts on the nature of cinema and art. Notes Sur Le Cinématographe, in its original title, was published in 1975 in France and brings together writings written between 1950 and 1974. With these two new books, Martinho Costa intends to underline the influence that cinema has on his way of understanding both the painting and the image. The painting does not pretend to be at the service of the text as an illustration, but to generate new metaphorical openings, resulting from the clash of image and text.