Navid Azimi Sajadi

Navid AZIMI SAJADI, Serie The Bridge, 2017. Courtesy A01 Gallery


Tehran, Iran, 1982

Presented by A01 GALLERY

Navid is an iconoclast who breaks with the symbols, traditions and preconceived views of Iranian culture. Breaking the mold of these symbols until they are transformed into a Western language is the engine of his work.
The skill with which he achieves this transformation turns his works into an effective complaint of an unjust reality. The beauty of his work is effective for the rotundity of the message. It is a combative, disruptive art; almost a graphic scream that resonates in our consciences.
Bachelor of painting by the University of Art and Architecture of Tehran and with a long curricular tour in Rome, where he resides, Navid Azimi manages to pierce his critical eye on the viewer.