Nicola Toffolini

Nicola TOFOLINI. ‘Thaumetopoea pityocampa’, 2011. Courtesy: Galleria D406 Fedeli alla línea, Modena (Italia)


Born in Udine, Italia, 1975

Presented by D406 FEDELI ALLA LINEA

The artist, performer, and designer with architectural training Nicola Toffolini lives and works in both Florence and his home town in the north of Italy. The creator of sculptures and installations in which he integrates artificial and technological materials together with organic elements which allow him to explore balance and rates of growth, Nicola Toffolini likewise expresses himself through drawing. His analytical will is essentially put forward by means of naturalistic representations characterised by their precision and attention to detail, which incorporate to traditional scientific design a more poetical and imaginative dimension that is at times surreal or visionary, often shaping the different evolutionary stages of his installation projects. He is interested in creating semiotic devices capable of translating the complexity and the speed of the reality that flows around us or in expressing alternative models of sustainability and development.