Nuria Rodríguez

Nuria RODRÍGUEZ. 1985 Borges, 2016. Courtesy Galería Shiras


Valencia, 1965


Taxonomy is the science of classification. Its duties -discovering, finding, naming, categorizing and classifying- are a fundamental part of the creative method of Nuria Fernández, an artist who collects surprising, random findings, to later integrate them into her complex multidisciplinary projects.
Her notebooks fuse scientific or documentary images, typical of ancient cabinets of wonders, with others of her fertile imagination, where the coldest and the warmest things have a place. All which is real is interesting, as well as everything fictitious, because these materials are juxtaposed and connected in oil paintings and in installations where objects acquire new meanings. In his latest project, time and literature are added to these ingredients: “Chronologies of Chance” brings together a series of large-format paintings, collages, drawings and surreal objects where the artist recreates a trip around his personal library.