Lisbon, Portugal, 1977


Slipping (process) and field (media and concept), are the determinants on the Paulo Lisboa´s drawings we will select from this artist to present at DRAWING ROOM MADRID. In the words of Nuno F. G. Loureiro, Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT, these drawings “depart from a selection of his work in which darkness becomes substance and its absence is light, in a layer upon layer of meticulous sedimentation”. They are drawings (from 2016 and 2018) that meet the starting / finishing points of the artist’s work, which means, the nature of light and the way it reveals and watches tangible reality. Very briefly, in these works, coming from an almost infinite series, the slip caused at each point of graphite invokes, according to the artist, “the life of a photon, from its generation in the nucleus of the sun until the retina of the human eye. The one who witnesses, the one who connects the body with the mind and with the conscience.”