Raúl Artiles


Raúl ARTILES. Sin Título (de la serie Black Hole) 2015. detalle. 225 x 145 cm


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1985

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Raúl Artiles lives and works between Gran Canaria in Spain and Münich in Germany. He is a Fine Arts graduate from the Universidad de La Laguna and completed his studies at theHochschule für Bildende Kunste of Braunschweig. He generally works with large formats presenting installations of papers in charcoal with which he aims to break down the 19th-century academic concept that makes drawings minor works thatdepend on other disciplines. He often resorts to the souvenir aesthetic as a possible representative strategy of the behaviour of the contemporary world. His works unfold in space in almost a monumental way, questioning the way we address images in the digital age. His imaginary landscapes constitute fleeing visions dominated by a catastrophic or an apocalyptic approach not without irony that suggest a metaphor of the current economic and political situation and at the same time hint at a possible solution and a new Renaissance.