Reiko Tsunashima

Reiko TSUNASHIMA, Soaring Wings, 2004. Courtesy Kitai Gallery


Tokio, Japan, 1953

Presented by GALLERY KITAI

A graduate of the Musashino College of Art in Tokyo, Reiko Tsunashima has become an internationally renowned renovator of sumi-e, the Japanese ink technique whose uninterrupted history goes back to a tradition of more than two thousand years with the main aspiration of reproducing, not only the appearance of the subject, but his spirit.
Tsunashima includes all her work with the title “Scenes of sumi-e”. These are abstract representations on paper that approximate the most common notion of natural landscape, both for the visual aspect and for the incorporation of environmental issues in the realization of these particular landscapes. The conditions of temperature, humidity and movements of the air contribute without a doubt to create these blurred visions that come from the evolution of the brush on the support. To finish, the artist arranges the papers in careful montages that generate a framework of windows to the sumi-e world.