Spain, 1966


Roberto Mollá always poses a certain tension in his drawings. Whether through the use of different techniques in the same medium, through the contrast between forms or through joint quotations from very dissimilar visual milestones in both minority art and mass culture.

These battles between elements so distant in time and space, and in terms of both culture and style, are always posed with a very restricted but wisely dosed chromatism and on a graph paper background; that paper that was used before the arrival of paralex and computers with rulers, guides and virtual grids, and whose plot of horizontal and vertical lines is of great help when resorting to the strategy of automatic drawing, carried out without previous plans or preliminary sketches. A background which, instead of giving a cold, technical tone to the drawing, gives it a nostalgic, retro connotation and the warmth of the yellowish texture of a time when manual drawing was the only possible way.