Sandra Krasker

Sandra KRASKER, Verser l’offrande, 2017. Courtesy Galerie Jean Louis Ramand


Lot Garona, France, 1976


Sandra Krasker is licensed by the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse. After twelve years working in major Parisian advertising agencies as an artistic director, she changed the graphic palette to that of a painter and resumed her studies validating an art option at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
Her advertising profession has strengthened her taste for images in all their forms and staging.
Sandra Krasker explores our most intimate relationship with the body, between the “exterior” and the “interior.” She exposes veins, blood flows, muscular networks and vital organs to the paper.
Krasker turns bodies into a political issue. The body thrown into the world, placed in a situation of confrontation with it and the otherness that constitute it.
In some of her works she constructs, with the memory of her family’s anarchist past, a discourse on the body as a trophy of war both for its destruction and for the violence with which it is mistreated.