Madrid, Spain, 1971


The wreck of Europe, and the causes that precipitate it, continue to be the issues that occupy the work of Sara Quintero. Her latest drawings arise from appropriations and quotes from images that throughout history have offered a cultural and political meaning. Those founding principles vanished over time until they reached the present drift.
The artist focuses on the interview made by the poet Ana Gorría to the philosopher Manuel Reyes Mate who again showed his extreme concern for the attitude of the European Union towards refugees, an “eloquent example of moral degradation”. Manuel Reyes Mate’s words are the images that Sara Quintero paints and draws in her recent projects: Amábamos a Europa (2015) and Cenador para un jardín (2018). The artist chooses with precision the images of the past that she updates with her own; making everything explode: old nostalgia, utopian dreams and idealized visions.