Sergio Porlán

Sergio PORLAN. Microabisal, 2018. Courtesy Galeria Art Nueve


Lorca, Murcia,1983


Sergio Porlán is licensed by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Murcia. The contents that articulate his work have to do with the development of themes related to the decadence of the body, the altered states of consciousness and the artificial nature of perception.
All his work is gilded by a formalism with clear references to the history of art, using the tools of the work’s reception to generate contexts or specific facilities that have to be experienced directly by the viewer.
His work is part of the collections: BMW Spain, Cajamurcia Foundation, José García Jiménez Foundation, CAM collection and the Visual Arts collection of the Region of Murcia.
Since July 2011, he is the director of the Párraga Center, in Murcia, under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Previously he held the position of director of the Young Art Laboratory (LAB), also in Murcia.