Solmaz Cornet

Solmaz CORNET. A l’aube de la mémoire, 2017. Courtesy Galerie Jean Louis Ramand


Isfahán, Iran, 1981


Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University Degree of Strasbourg (France), she had previously graduated in Visual Arts from the University of Tehran (Iran). In Yarz (Iran) she also studied graphic design.
Her work unfolds drawing, with pen and marker, achieving with her strokes a tangle of lines forming rich patterns and dense laces coiled like nets.
These designs adorn like a royal headdress, or sumptuous hair, the characters she creates.
The drawings of Solmaz Cornet are full of complexity, not only because of the execution but also because of the symbolic content and the powerful emotional charge they emanate.
Her work is based on the sources of Persian culture and, occasionally, she uses birds as motifs alluding to its refinement and elegance.
The reading of her works, full of surrealism and nostalgia, generosity and wealth, can become a revelation on both aesthetic and emotional levels.