Turin, Italy, 1974


Drawing with photographic procedures, Stefania Ricci concentrates more on the admirable sophistication of her prints rather than the tools needed to achieve it, all the more given that most of her research is done off-camera, placing the objects on paper which will then be exposed to the light. Insects, flowers, blades of grass, small branches, occupy the space defined by the photographic paper, forcing us to accept the amazement resulting from the lack of parameters and reference points, as the small branches reaching for the sky are as impressive as the trees themselves, while small petals move in a delicate dance. These compositions are inviting us to experience them more than to look at them.
The most poetic amongst her works are The butterfly collection in which attention to details and focus accurancy are essential: a light vibration travel though the paper, the wings of Lepidottera move imperceptibly, causing the colors to mix, create a delicate transparency, a seductive blurred effect.