Stefano Bonacci

Stefano BONACCI, Sin título, 2016. Courtesy Galería


Perugia, Italy, 1971


Stefano Bonacci looks for the visual impact in the spectator through works, sometimes of great dimensions, in which he returns to the artisan techniques for the materials (glass, mirrors and neon lights), integrating them in a conceptual discourse.
Through his work, he manages to stimulate the observers and make them reflect on the visual quality of the works, getting them to meditate deeply on the forms they obtain.
His work is based mainly on the centrality of the principle of visual perspective typical of the Italian Renaissance and, consequently, he is especially interested in drawing.
Many of his works have been created in relation to the perspective and history of the exhibition site, in an attempt to create the perfect balance between work and space.
Stefano Bonacci is also dedicated to teaching, working as a professor of multimedia installations and pictorial techniques at the Perugia Academy of Fine Arts.