Tânia Ferrão

Tania Ferrão, Fading Roots#4, 2017. Courtesy Galeria Arte Periferica


Torres Vedras, Portugal, 1993.


This illustrator and animator graduated in Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, studies that she completed by attending the Painting Course of the Duran Castaibert School. Upon arriving in this city, she became interested in travel journals and sketchbooks, giving preference to materials that allow rapid registration such as pens and watercolors. These techniques, almost sketched, are those that fill with freshness the images that she presents to us in her works. The immediacy with which she draws is one of the keys aspects of her speech.
Her work seeks to understand mankind and our relationship with the world.
Through drawing she manifests the behaviors that make us human and the restlessness that moves us in life.
In addition to graphic diaries, Ferrão also shares an interest in painting, illustration and animation, always looking for new and innovative techniques to reach the viewer.